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2023 NHSCA National Team Duals

What a weekend it has been!!! Through all the highs and lows of the weekend, the one thing I can say is that each Quest School of Wrestling team should be proud of how they competed. The elementary team, wrestled into the quarterfinals, junior high team lost in the round of 16, and our high school team Quest School of Wrestling Gold, took 4th after taking an injury forfeit in the 3rd and 4th place finals. Our two other high school teams battled with tenacity and grit, despite their seeding and tough brackets! Although all notable, the best part of this weekend is the time everyone gets to spend with some special people, all focused and committed toward achieving a common goal and making memories of a lifetime.

We are a part of a really special club that is not just filled with talent and potential, but it’s loaded with sportsmanship, respect and loyalty- and it is noticeably unique. Over the weekend - so many compliments were handed out not just about how tough the Quest wrestlers competed, but how they acted as one team and one family and exhibited tremendous character. But a huge call out, even by the tournament directors, is just how lucky and blessed we are to have our alumni come out, year after year, and give their time freely to make us better. So let’s all send out a huge thank you to each of them: Mack McGuire, Colt Shorts, Connor Schram, Gabe Willochel, Zack Hartman, Nick Delp, Sam Hillegas, Thayne Lawrence, Scott Joll and Eli Grape - they make us all better!! A special thanks to our Coach Rob Waltko for taking time away, ALWAYS, to give to our wrestlers, and a final thank you to Coach John Hughes for joining us this year.

As everyone steps away and into a the off-season, full of hard work both, on and off, the mat, I hope everyone can be as excited as me, for what the future of Quest School of Wrestling can bring each of our members … a future, so bright and full of promise due to the it’s foundation which is constructed based on the fundamentals of competition and opportunities like this weekend, hard-work, commitment, attention to detail, and an undeniable sense of team responsibility - that is something we can never put a value on.

But in the end, I am proud of each and every one of you and of what we've accomplished together. From moments of individual excellence to some exciting team triumphs and even a few heartbreaking losses, it was a tournament driven by incredible emotion and passion as well as dedication to self and team. And although we didn’t finish overall where our teams wanted, it could never outshine all that we gained and it now becomes our fuel for next year!

Finally, our high school teams will be missing a few outstanding seniors next year. These gentlemen have amazing futures ahead of them, and although the Quest Teams will never quite be the same without them, they have left their mark and set the bar high on how to give it all and persevere ! Good Luck Seniors - we will all be following you in your next chapter!

As we head back into the room and onto the mat, one thing is certain; it truly is a very exciting time to be a part of Quest School of Wrestling.

With all my respect & admiration,

Coach Jim

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