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Our Locations

Our primary gym is located just south of Pittsburgh and is an easy commute from most of the tri-state region.  However, we also operate twice a week north of the city, in the North Allegheny Senior High School Wrestling Room.  We recognize there are many options out there, but Coach Akerly and his assistants have one of the best wrestling networks and college coach connections in the country, which many will say, is worth any drive for their wrestler!


The fact that we drive 1.5 hours to Quest when we have clubs closer to us speaks volumes about how we feel about Coach Jim and Coach Tyler.  One particular story sums up Jim as a person--our older son lost his Sophomore year to injury and was concerned about getting recruited.  Jim personally called his college contacts on behalf of Kaden and got him in front of some of the best schools in the country.  With the coaching at Team Quest, along with some of the best partners in the country, my son was able to get a full scholarship.  In our opinion, Quest was fundamental in our sons' career and got him a state championship last season.  We are so appreciative of Jim for being such a great influence in our boys' lives.


Darren Cassidy (Father of State Champion & Current George Mason wrestler, Kaden Cassidy)

Wexford, Pa. Location

Washington, Pa. Location

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